registered piano technician  



Bob Dowling





New Jersey

Tuning and Service

I have always tuned by ear, listening and adjusting the tuning with the aid of my own musical esthetic and without electronic tuning devices. If the tuner listens the piano will tell him how it should be tuned.


A good, accurate, stabile tuning is what you can expect at your tuning appointment but that's not all. I will routinely do minor repairs and adjustments and touch up the voicing of your piano at no extra cost.


I will be prepared to do many additional repairs if needed during this visit. Sticking keys, non working pedals, broken strings, squeaks and buzzes can usually be fixed during a normal tuning and service visit. A full assortment of replacement parts and repair supplies accompanies me to every appointment. Other more extensive repairs may require additional visits.


I am experienced in every aspect of piano repair and restoration so just ask if there's something you're not satisfied with concerning your piano. Often I can return even the most hopeless case to playability.


Each piano is unique as is each player. I strive to understand how you like your piano to play and will work toward that goal. You may not be satisfied with the tone or touch of your piano and we can discuss practical solutions to these issues also. You will enjoy and will likely play your piano more when it sounds and feels just the way you like it.

(see touch weight and voicing for more info)







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